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Beginning in 1996, Podcasting Done Right founder, Brian Fritz, began his radio career with the company that is now known as iHeartMedia. He was a producer for sports radio, morning drive-time shows, mid-day programming, as well as nighttime, live, and local radio lineups. Brian has been the executive producer for UCF Athletics radio entity for 11 years and has been producing podcasts for a decade.

Podcasting Done Right is Brian’s vision for helping improve the quality of podcasts in the marketplace.


“To help people create their podcast identity.”

With over 250,000 podcasts throughout the world, there has never been a better time to get involved with podcasts, one of the newest and fastest growing content mediums on Earth.


“Fun is the key to success. There is no one right way.” 

The podcast marketplace is still very much the “Wild West” of online media, with opportunity showing up at every turn. Podcasts should be fun, entertaining, and informative while sounding fantastic.


“20 years of experience in the radio business at your fingertips.” 

Podcasting Done Right’s founder, Brian Fritz, is the man you want in your corner, producing your podcast. With over two decades of radio experience, he has the unique talents to take you to the next level.


You can have a great experience developing a podcast. The process can be a great deal of fun, while still offering benefits to your audience. We focus on the personal touch, a one-on-one experience with your producer, building a relationship that becomes an asset for your podcast. Professional sound quality is a priority, but there is immense value in having someone alongside your recording, providing insight along the way.


The podcast industry has exploded recently. 21% of Americans over the age of 12 have listened to at least one podcast in the last month. 36% of people have listened to a podcast at least once since 2008. Now that mobile technology is the norm, more and more content will be digested on phones and tablets, meaning podcasts are poised to dominate in the next decade. Since 2012, there have only been more shows being developed. Yours can be next!