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What Not to Do on Your Podcast

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What Not to Do on Your Podcast

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Simple Things to Avoid in Your Podcast

Use these simple podcasting tips on what not to do to help with your podcast and make it stand out from the start:

Complicate it with Sound Effects

Everyone has heard that wacky morning show on your drive to work. The hosts are laughing with sound effects constantly firing off including every bell, whistle, grunt, scream and fart noise imaginable. It’s natural that you want to have that kind of fun on your podcast and those sound effects are so tantalizing. Don’t fall into that trap. Instead, rely on the phrase K.I.S.S. — Keep It Simple Stupid. The simpler is many times the better way to go. You don’t need all those bells and whistles to have fun and be entertaining. Those tend to become a crutch for you and annoying to the audience.

Audio Over-modulation

There are two key things that your podcast needs to have for success: great content and great audio quality. Nothing sends listeners running quicker than when they turn on your popular and the audio is over-modulated. It’s way too hot with distortion now blaring in people’s ears. It sounds horrible. And then next thing that will happen is someone stop listening and possibly for good. Watch your audio levels and make sure nothing is hot. Be especially careful when you are recording. You can adjust for audio in post-production that is too low but once it’s hot, you’re done for.

Stray From Topic

Try to stay on topic. That doesn’t mean you can’t include an amusing anecdote about your personal life. But when you go off on long tangents, your audience will likely get bored. That’s not what they wanted to listen to. If you’re podcast is on movies, most of you’re listeners don’t want to hear you go on and on about your political views. Or if you discuss cooking, your audience will likely be turned away if you spend a bunch of time ranting about your favorite team’s recent losing streak. Stay focused on your topic and keep your listeners happy.

Don’t Ramble

We all get lost in our thoughts and words. Sometimes you get going and you keep going with no easy way out. That kind of rambling will drive listeners away the same way long pauses and “umms” will. Be prepared, make your point and move on to your next point or subject. Otherwise, you can easily fall into that trap of rambling or being redundant.

Refrain From Using Certain Terms

This may be a personal thing for me but I hear these phrases way too many times on podcasts. They are very easy to fall into but try to avoid these and not be one of “those guys”.The most common are when introducing your co-host and you refer to them as your “tag-team partner” or, even worse, your “partner in crime”. No. Either come up with something more creative or go back to K.I.S.S. (always a smart choice) and keep it simple by introducing your host.

Another phrase that gets used way too many times is “joining us today is our very SPECIAL guest”. Sure, some guests truly are special and bigger than others. However, I shy away from using it for a couple of reasons. First, if you call everyone a special guest, then the really special ones don’t necessarily feel that special. The other reason is because you want listeners to believe that you only have special guests. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be worthy of coming on your podcast. Worse things have been done on a podcast, but try to stand out by not being the one that falls into these traps.