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Your Unique Take on Something Can be Amazing!

Anyone can start a podcast, but you want to have a successful one that grows its audience. That means not just talking about a subject you know but making it interesting and engaging. Here are some methods you can use to help with your podcast.

Make it Fun and Entertaining

In my over twenty years of broadcasting, I’ve learned this important rule: if you’re having fun, then the audience can have fun. If you are engaged in what you are discussing, that will come across to your audience and they will want to listen intently to what you have to say. On the flip side, if you are going through the motions, people will quickly tune you out and possibly for good.

At the same time, this doesn’t mean being wacky or over-the-top in your delivery. Be yourself. The second you try to be something other than you, it’s a recipe for disaster. When it comes to more serious topics, you can be entertaining while handling it with the proper tone as long as you are knowledgeable on the subject. Not everything has to be lively and laughable — just look at the success of NPR.

Develop Topics

It’s easy to hit on a topic but you don’t want to just scratch the surface. Go deeper. Give more details on a particular one and explain it to you audience. An easy way to help with this is continuing to ask the questions “why” and “how” when discussing a topic. That helps you go more in-depth in explaining that subject and allows you to show your knowledge or share and interesting opinion.

Talk About Yourself

If there’s one thing we’re all experts on it’s ourselves. Take from your personal experiences and share them on your podcast. Those experiences will help you relate with your audience on a more personal level and keep them interested. You don’t want your entire podcast to be about yourself but pull anecdotes and stories from your own life than can be used, especially if it’s a quick story that is funny or unique.

Answer Listener Emails

Another easy way to connect with your audience is to answer questions they may have. This is an easy way to generate unique content and have some fun with your listeners. People are always excited when they hear you answer a question they have and this will help keep them as a return listener.

You can easily have a short segment of your podcast answering questions. There could even be times — although I would rarely do this — where the entire podcast could be answering questions. Plus, asking for questions using email and social media help create a better dialogue and interaction with your audience. So it’s a plus-plus situation.

Talk With Other Experts

Adding another personality is always welcomed, especially when it’s somebody that knows his stuff. And maybe that person has some insight into a subject that maybe you didn’t have. It’s tough to do a one-man show and very few people can pull it off. It’s not always possible to have a co-host and maybe you just don’t want one. But it’s a good idea to include others to the conversation and add another voice.

Talk with Friends

Sometimes it can be tough getting an expert guest. Or maybe you’re new to the broadcasting business and are having a little trouble getting comfortable. Easy enough — have on a friend or family member that brings something to the table. Maybe you have someone in you life that is also an expert on the subject or at least has a great personality. Use that to your advantage. It can be easier to open up with someone you already know and it will help you get used to this whole podcasting business. That doesn’t mean have on your grandpa or Auntie Sue if they are going to bring down your podcast. But if you know someone who can add to the conversation, utilize that.

Go Back to Popular Topics

There are some topics that you will want to revisit from time to time, especially if there’s some new to discuss. You can add fresh insight and a different approach. Plus, maybe you’re audience has grown since the last time you talked about it and the newer audience hasn’t heard the conversation. That doesn’t mean to simply rehash everything you said previously. Bring something new to the table whether that is updated information or a new guest to add perspective. There’s always different ways to attack a subject and make it interesting, especially if it’s something the audience wants to hear about.

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