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What First-Time Podcasters Should Talk About

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What First-Time Podcasters Should Talk About

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Getting Started? What the Heck are You Going to Talk About?

One of the most important and challenging dilemmas for first-time podcasters is what exactly your podcast should be about. With so many podcasts in the medium, what can you do to make yours stand out and be successful?

Here are some tips to help you choose the right topic for your podcast:

Why Are You Doing It?

Sounds easy, right? There are a variety of directions that you can go that will shape what your podcast will be about. Are you looking at simply making money with an entertaining podcast? Or are you looking to use your podcast to help grow you business? Maybe the podcast is to further a cause.

Honestly, if you are starting a podcast for the sole purpose of trying to make money, that’s the wrong choice. Making money can be an outcome of a successful purpose but there has to be more to it. Otherwise, listeners will pick up on your motives and can see through them.

Bottom line: your podcast needs to be something that is fun and interesting for you. Once you achieve that, the reads can have fun or be interested in what you are discussing.

Pick Something You are Passionate About

This sounds pretty obvious but is very important. Sure, you may be an expert on a subject but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are excited about it. Instead, you need to choose something you are passionate about, something that you excited to discuss and go do for hours and hours. That enthusiasm will come though on your podcast and when you are excited about a subject, your listeners can share in that excitement. That is how you build an audience and get people coming back for more.

It definitely helps to be knowledgeable about what you are talking about and you don’t want to be a fool in that regards. But the most important thing is that your podcasts are something you want to do because you enjoy the topic yourself and are eager to do the next one.

Podcast to a Niche

The spoken word can be a very powerful resource, which is one reason why podcasting has become so popular and continues to grow at a rapid pace. That being said, there are a lot of them out there. A lot? So how do you stand out in a crowded field? One way is to podcast to a niche audience, one that is focused on a particular area of interest. This can help make your podcast a must-listen for people who share that interest and can use it as a source of information or simply one of shared enjoyment. This will also make it much easier to market your podcast and be unique.