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Getting started with your own podcast can be accomplished in just a few steps. With professional guidance and production, you’ll be on your way to growing an incredible online show.

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    Name Podcast and Establish Mission

    What are you trying to accomplish? First, we will discuss the goals for your podcast and develop a mission statement for the endeavor.

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    Frequency Of Shows

    It is critical to commit to an amount of shows and how regular they will appear. Consistency is key in the podcast marketplace.

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    Setup Soundcloud / Libsyn

    Your podcast needs an outlet and Libsyn and Soundcloud are two of the strongest podcast players. We will also help you get on iTunes.

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    Choose Music For Intro / Outro

    A professionally produced program will have bed music, intro music, and outro music. We research the tunes, maintain copyright laws, and match your brand.

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    Decide On Break / Advertisers / Sponsors

    When developing a show, it is imperative that you work in time for potential sponsors, breaks, and advertisers. Planning this initially saves time later.

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    Record Show

    We record with high-quality microphones in crisp, clear, HD-worthy sound. You’ll sound your best throughout every episode.

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    Finished Product

    Your finished recording will need to get uploaded, so we take the stress out of that task and handle everything for you. Get ready to listen to your podcast!